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Setup Hint

After setting up a profile, first create a team. You can build as many as you’d like, but you’ll need at least one so you can start adding users. After building a team, invite users to join your team on Telescope. They’ll receive an email after entering their info and selecting which team you want to assign them to. You can add them to multiple teams if you’d like. There are many extensive articles shown above on the Telescope Knowledge Base for more information.

Training Hint

Build a “test task” after watching this video. Detail your task to become familiar with all the awesome features and options. Remember to add extras like details, notes, start/end dates, custom tags, tag colors, subtasks, files, priorities. Be sure to select the blue “play” button in the Task Window to run the task. You can always pause your task at a later time for any reason. After you’ve built a few tasks, practice adding a board and viewing from the calendar. Encourage your users to do the same. This will help everyone get into a natural rhythm of using Telescope.

Usage Hint

Remember: Telescope is built with open-ended capabilities in workflow- there is no one, two or twenty specific ways to use the system. Try experimenting with categorizing different teams and boards by name, plus explore further organizational options like tag names and tag colors. You can use teams as departments, clients or contractors. Entire boards can be used as projects, large assignments or project phases. All versions have five unique levels of user credentials to delegate work or limit access. It’s also a good idea to schedule a free, live product demo with one of our experts. We can even help you spitball different usage methods!

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