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The selected board(from the left drawer) is displayed.

  • To add a new task to a given column, select the “+” at the column header(see “Creating a Task” below).
  • To view Task and Subtask data for a given column, select the three dots at the far right of the column header.


All tasks are sorted as “Due Soonest First”, for quickly skimming through a board.

For AutoBoards(all versions):

  • The AutoBoard consists of four columns: Upcoming(Blue), In Progress(Orange), Done(Green) and Overdue(Red). Telescope automatically moves a given task to the appropriate column based on a task’s start date/time, end date/time, and status(Done/Not Done). The percentage of completed tasks is displayed at the In Progress column header.

For CustomBoards(only available with Telescope Business):

  • Ideal for larger projects, the CustomBoard provides flexibility by allowing you to build as many customizable columns as you want. Selecting the “+” button at the upper right will prompt to you to add and name your new, personalized column, as well as choose a unique icon(if desired) for that column. Tasks in a CustomBoard are NOT moved between columns automatically, providing you a manual drag-and-drop “feel” for moving your tasks around between any column as you’d like. The CustomBoard columns are not color-coded.

Tasks Displayed:

  • Each column displays a task “card”. Each card displays the task’s name, tag color, priority(!,!!,!!!), state(blue “in-play” or red “paused” icon), Subtask(s) completed(if applicable, as a “checkmark” icon with “completed/total” shown), and a “File Attached” icon(“paperclip”, if applicable). Select the three dots at the bottom right of a task(card) to open the Task Window for that task.

Creating a Task:

  • Regardless of the board type, select the “+” button at the column header for any column. The Task Window is displayed.
  • Here, you can do any of the following(from top to bottom):


  • Name your task
  • Set a start and finish(due) date, (if desired) time and if repeating
  • Set priority(!,!!,!!!)
  • Mark the task “Done” or “Not done” (green checkbox)
  • Label the state of the task(“Play” or “Pause” button so your team knows if everything is ok or if something is wrong).
  • Set a color tag with label(adjust color and add preset colors/labels) for quick changes
  • Add/modify a note
  • View/download(.xls) task progress by assigned user(s) (Assignee)
  • View/add/remove Assignees(search by name or team name, User Access permitting for adding/removing)
  • Delete the task
  • Add/modify your task description
  • Sort Subtasks(A-Z, Z-A, Done First, Done Last)
  • Add/modify a subtask’s description, delete or mark as “Done” or ”Not done”
  • Add additional Subtasks(“+” button)
  • Select an attached file to view(“eye” button) or delete
  • Attach a new file by uploading or attaching from Shared Files(also available from the Home screen). You can add or attach multiple files at a time.


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