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Get to know Telescope.

Unlimited tasks.

Unlimited teams.

Unlimited boards.

Easy training tutorials.

Telescope encompasses an extremely simple interface, coupled with on-demand guidance. This means learning on-the-fly has never been easier or faster.

Smart scalability.

With unlimited users, boards, teams and tasks, Telescope provides a canvas that grows with your work over time. Expandable, scalable and clean.

A flexible feel.

Because Telescope offers a multitude of linked redundancy, each user can stay on top of things in their own way. Save time and headache by letting Telescope adapt to your work style.

Predictable progress.

Staying updated should be painless. That’s why Telescope offers a plethora of individually customizable reminders and notifications, built to scale with multiple teams and sizes.

Discover brilliant workflow that scales in a clever and efficient Task Management tool.

Simple and painless.

Stay on top of existing tasks while creating new ones with Telescope’s intuitive user interface, beautifully designed with an adjustable dashboard to deliver a unique and adaptive experience for any user workflow.

You can easily create and delegate work to your teammates while focusing on your own work. Peace-of-mind is afforded with Telescope’s AutoBoards and CustomBoards, which automatically categorize work or provide a custom setup of your workload. Flexibility and practicality are perfectly fused here.

A winning concept for everyone.


Anne is a top performing Senior Sales Rep at her internet marketing firm. She's a major role model of assisting with client acquisition and designing spectacular sales campaigns that deliver. Her manager recently scaled her department to 40 people from just 25. Anne sees that her boss is having a hard time facilitating team assignments for each person on the latest SEO requirements and social media practices. Anne is tasked with distributing and simplifying these techniques, although she starts to feel burned-out and knows everyone won't learn at the same pace.

Anne learns about Telescope and quickly shares her thoughts with her boss. They agree to give it a shot and see if they can successfully scale their team's productivity while smoothing out collaboration around the office. Anne has found the team can now work faster with twice the requirements in half the time. Anne can focus more on her own work while everyone works more independently around her. Her boss is tending her promotion letter.


Aarav is an experienced Team Lead who just started working at a small video gaming startup making big moves in the industry. He soon realizes that his team of 13 developers are struggling to keep each other informed of which item to tackle next through backed-up emails and congested text messages. Aarav learns his company will soon be expanding their workforce. He knows if his staff continue this way, there could be missed steps in their final product design and no one will know where to look.

Aarav discovered that using Telescope with his team has provided a flexible way to effectively communicate and visualize each facet of their projects and tasks. Aarav's team can now work on more project aspects at the same time without confusion, plus enjoy more predictable deadlines. The firm's founder took notice and has given him a promotion.


Kira manages the Procurement team of a mid-sized tech company. She is responsible for ensuring her staff are keeping up with proper sourcing strategies while adhering to daily deadlines with various types of analyses for review. Her boss has asked her to target a five-percent improvement in performance reporting turnaround before the end of the next quarter.

Kira and her team use Telescope to easily distribute and monitor individual tasks, while providing a clean canvas to share reports and discuss new ideas on productivity. With everyone able to scale their own workflow from the tiniest detail to the big picture, Kira's team is now more organized and is performing optimally without the old disconnects and misunderstandings in their way. As a result, Kira and her boss have realized a 15% improvement in project turnaround overall, with her staff maintaining an efficient workflow throughout the team agenda.


Keenan has just landed his dream role of VP of HR for a major pharmaceutical company. Within days he is faced with overwhelming challenges of managing selective hiring processes while improving on employee relations. He knows recruitment and compliance training requirements take different paths of understanding among his diversified staff of 87. Keenan understands he will need to find a tool to allow his colleagues to branch off on their assignments in their own way and later reconvene in the same place under the same workflow.

Keenan found that Telescope's intuitive system of boards, shareable file libraries and customizable charting permits adaptability and accountability for his team. He feels relieved he can quickly oversee any pain points a team member may have along the way, while keeping everyone moving forward at the same time. Keenan's team can now be the superstars he knows they are without compromising their workflow. He's even made time for that camping trip he promised his family.

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Sustainable features your team needs.

Cutting-edge tools should enable cutting-edge solutions. Telescope brilliantly integrates a host of fluid, Task Management instruments coupled to a smart arrangement of carefully crafted elements to inspire more-efficient time management habits. Frequent updates are never left to guessing, thanks to need-to-know info kept right at your fingertips. With this level of detail, you’re never left digging through work to find out where you or other users stand at any given time. That’s sustainable productivity on a whole new level.

When the world isn’t the same.

With COVID-19 threatening every organization, it’s more important than ever to maximize efficiency and save money wherever possible. For this reason, we’ve committed to optimizing each version for individuals working from home. This means Telescope can be learned and used without timely training courses or class instruction, thanks to our new and intuitive User Interface, Knowledge Base and Video Tutorials. It’s our commitment to providing an easier solution to working in a virtual environment. We call it our Work-At-Home Certification.

“Simple” has never been this affordable.

Each version of Telescope provides a carefully designed feature set with a clean and simple interface. Even better, Online Support is included in every version. Best of all, there are NO CONTRACTS.

Cancel anytime.

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