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A convenient Gantt chart is displayed for the tasks on the selected board. The tasks are colored the same as the Tag Color for that task. This is ideal for adjusting and determining how your work will flow over time, and to quickly modify Start and Due dates. The Gantt can be scaled(select “Gantt Scale”) to Day, Week, Month and Year as well as zoomed in or out as necessary(top right buttons). The Gantt chart can be exported to .csv for further analysis. By default, the tasks are sorted as “Due soonest first”, then “Newest first”.


  • Select the three vertical “dots” at the end of each Task Item line(left portion where you see the “Task Name”, “Start Time” and “Due By” columns) to conveniently open the Task Window popup.
  • You can select and hold the Task Item line and drag it up or down to rearrange a task displayed on the chart.
  • Select the “cloud” icon at the top left(above Task Name) to download a .csv snapshot of the Gantt and its items.
  • Select and drag the multiple “dots” at the beginning or end of each task “bar” in the chart to modify the start or due date(modifying the Start day from here will mean the task will start at midnight on the morning of the first day chosen; modifying the Due day from here will mean the task will be due by midnight on the last day chosen).
  • Select and drag the “circle” at the beginning or end of a task “bar” in the chart to create a Flow Path for linking the workflow from the start or end of one task to the start or end of another task(in the direction you linked the two points together). You can link or cross-link as many tasks as you’d like. To delete a Flow Path, just double-click the path and select “OK.”


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