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Telescope Business is designed as a powerhouse for medium-large team sizes (41-80+ users typically, although there is no limit). There is a 15GB limit of file storage, ideal for numerous Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, large images, templates and numerous video and audio files.


Below are several different ways the AutoBoard, TimeClock, Gantt, CustomBoard and List View (all independently exportable) can best be utilized for this team size.


Board and Task Tips:

  • Personalized Boards: This is usually the easiest and most organized approach for users using their own board as a personal reminder for weekly tasks. Each user builds their own board for a given team for scheduling and tracking their progress, especially since the AutoBoard moves tasks between the four columns, based on their status and deadline. Tasks created in each board may also be used to describe different phases of a project, or as a project, entirely (depending on size and scope). Tasks can also be used as goals or mile-markers within a project, or as standalone items. The boards may be named accordingly, such as “Rachel’s Board”. Some users may require multiple boards per user, such as “Martin-1” and “Martin-2”.


  • Boards as Projects: This method is very popular for allowing multiple projects per team to be monitored, with tasks assigned to multiple users at a time. The boards may be named after the project, or multiple boards may be used within a team for different project phases. Board names may be things like “Project-1” or “Project-1.2”, “Project-1.3”, etc.


  • The calendar provides a bird’s-eye-view of all work for a given team.
  • Progress is tracked in every board in the “In Progress” column. This makes it easy to quickly skim over a board. Tasks showing a blue “Play” button indicate that task is in a “Paused” state and something may be wrong, or a user is stuck.
  • Color tags with tag names replace labels and sticky notes in the office.
  • Subtasks provide an added layer of detail.
  • Files can be attached directly from the task or shared from the Shared Files area.


  • TimeClock: This popular tool allows each user to “Clock-in/Clock-out” for precisely monitoring time spent working on Telescope, especially for hourly employees. This is also an ideal feature for contractors, consultants and other temporary associates who may be collaborating with an existing team. The Time Log can later be exported to .CSV by an Admin (or higher user level) for review.


  • Gantt: The Gantt chart makes organizing longer projects with overlapping schedules and deadlines very simple and manageable for Administrators (or higher user levels). Quickly modifying a due date or tag name/color can be done directly from the Gantt page. The chart is scalable from each day per week to several years out and everything in-between.


  • Multiple User Themes: There are eight selectable user themes for changing the color of the left selector menu and text/components throughout Telescope. Located in Settings>Appearance, these individual colors were carefully selected to give users the ability to customize their Telescope experience.


  • CustomBoard: Telescope’s customizable boards were designed to allow a user to create a personalized system of tasks per board. Ideal for extremely fast-paced offices, each column (different from an AutoBoard) is unique and unrelated to the other columns. Each column’s name and color are configurable and has its own task progress bar for added organization and status checking. Tasks can be dragged from one column to another and rearranged as desired. There is no limit to how many columns can be added for a CustomBoard.


  • List View: The list view provides a spreadsheet experience of columns (for both AutoBoards and CustomBoards) with an expanded view of each task. This eliminates the need to “hunt” down minor changes to a given task (such as description or Sub Task completion status). This is especially helpful when there are hundreds of tasks to comb through when checking for daily or weekly updates.
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