Get Granular: The Little Things

Get Granular: The Little Things

Let’s talk about your smaller goals. You know, the “little” things.

How are you achieving them In what way has Covid changed the overall approach of how you tackle them?

If not before, 2020 has taught us how to prioritize, tweak our perspective, adapt and overcome. Quickly

Can you put your finger on how you’ve done these things?

Maneuvering a goal tactic around unforeseen obstacles is quite doable to some, but seemingly impossible to many. And that’s ok- we are all learning here.

The thing about the “little” things and what’s worked for us:

Cultivate more short-term thinking in the favor of malleable, long-term accomplishments. Remember to continuously evolve the planning of your contingencies. Granularity is a goal, in itself. Chances are, in the last few months your short-term open-mindedness has already benefitted you in thought-process, experience, outcome or all three. So let’s run with that.

Planning in the short-term should become a muscle after a few weeks. In most cases, factoring in little things like routine exercise, breathing techniques, going for a walk or reading can help re-align you with what’s in front of your face.

It’s really not that hard at all, but takes some practice and determination as it should. As you progress, asking yourself questions along the way are an important characteristic to consider. You don’t have to go crazy here- simply reassessing your thoughts over time can have satisfactory results.

Where do you see yourself in three months? How will you get there?

Think about it.

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